Welcome to The Geek Parlor

When I was a kid I would pretend I was hosting a talk show and I would also pretend I was the guest on the talk show and interview myself.

I'm 50 years old now and I often have panic attacks thinking "It's almost over! Life is almost over! There's so much I haven't done yet! I never had my talk show!" So I started a talk show from my little parlor in my house, where I have all my Lord of the Rings stuff, my C.S. Lewis books, My Camino De Santiago box, my Knee Brace Lamp Shade and my wall of protest signs. I call this room my Geek Parlor so that is what I call my talk show, "Welcome to the Geek Parlor". I don't interview myself, I talk to anyone that wants to come hang with me and we talk about whatever comes up really. It's kinda like a podcast I think, maybe, but that's too cliche these days, I have to be a rebel and film with my phone propped up on books from a horrible angle on my worst side, cut my guest in half occasionally and wear unflattering clothes, at least for now. I'm sure I will give in to The Man and conform to societies standards and eventually get super skinny and hire a stylist once the sponsors start rolling in but as long as I have less than a hundred viewers I'm gonna fully expose my middle aged woman-saggy chin and arms while my dog Bella chomps her dog food for sound effects in the back ground :-)

Oh and yes, I'm aware that I sound worse than Trump when it comes to stringing a sentence together and that is certainly the reason I DON'T have a REAL talk show but hey, I think I can only improve right?

My first few Guest, Tina, Kyle and Gage, are all superbly articulate so they took up the slack ;-) anyway..

Here's the link to the videos, I post about once a week,

Welcome to the Geek Parlor


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