My Prayer on This National Day of Prayer

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God of heaven and earth, thank you for today and all the blessings we bask in everyday here in America. 

Guide our president Lord, prick his heart with the thorn of love, that kind of love that hurts, bleeds, yearns to always do good by others. The kind of love that steps outside self and into the shoes of the least of these. The kind of love you taught, you lived and you died and rose again to show us all. Give him wisdom and humility.

God calm the rage that has spread across this country and the world. Help us to see where we lack knowledge, empathy, understanding and help us lord to peruse them, not rage and fear. When we reach for revenge, give us mercy, when we drown in fear, walk us through the fog and into the light. 

Today and everyday I beg for wisdom, love and courage. May we all, the human family that inhabits this earth, all of us look at each other, pause and see a child of God and treat each other accordingly. And when we know of oppression Lord, don't let us turn a blind eye, help us to fight wisely, guided by love and hope always and for all humanity.

In a world of so many voices, help us to hear the still small one.  



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