Why I Have to Protest

As a woman
As a mother
As a Christian
As a human

I have no choice but to stand up and speak out against our new president and what he stands for and represents. 

How could I ever again look my boys in the eyes if I did nothing to fight against such bigotry, sexism, racism, classism?

How could I not push back against the horrific example he is setting for all children, all adults even? 

How could I not stand up against a bully who now is the most powerful man in the world thanks to Russia?

I have to do this for my sons so they know this is not normal, this is not how men treat women, or how men should treat people who oppose them, minorities, the free press, those with disabilities.

How could I ever look at my daughter again and tell her that her body is no man's to abuse if I am not willing to stand up against our president who brags about getting away with sexually assaulting women?

How Trump acts and treats people is not how any human should treat anyone and I don't want my children to live in a world where Trumps presidency has normalized such behavior.  


How could I let our free America slide into a closed, restricted autocratic government or dictatorship without fighting that every step of the way? 

I can't.

So I will protest. 

For my daughter, my sons, my future grandchildren.

For minorities faced with a racist administration. 

For a free press, refugees, immigrants, those in the margins.

I will not sit back and wait for others to do what I feel needs to be done.

I will resist.

I will not be quiet.

I will speak out. 

I am an American and while we are still free to protest, I will do so.

I'm ready for the fight.

God bless America, land of the free, home of the brave.


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