If you voted for Trump, I don’t hate you. We can still be friends. Some of you are my dearest friends and family. Do I believe you are wrong? Believe you are a part of destroying our democracy? Yes and I would tell you that to your face if you asked me. That doesn’t make me your enemy or you my enemy in my eyes.  I’ve made mistakes in voting before, we all do I think, I believe you voted for the worst candidate in the history of our country, BUT I don’t hold it against you.

You don’t like me for believing that you were/are wrong? OK, we don’t have to be friends. Are you one of those people who acts like a cocky ass toward those of us who are grieving? Then we don’t have to be friends either.

But to everyone else that voted for Trump and really believes we will be stronger, more united, and healthier, because of him, hear me when I say this, more than anything in the world, I want you to be right and for me to be wrong. I want you to get to say “I told you so” to me in four years. If the world is better off, our democracy still intact, our economy on the rise, fewer wars, less poverty here and abroad, stronger race relations, immigrants being embraced and cared for, better schools, stronger industry, I will toast with you and laugh as you mock how I overreacted. I would LOVE that to be our reality in 2020.

But I’m not hopeful since he was elected. I get so sad hearing what he is saying and doing. It breaks my heart and he hasn’t even started yet.

So I will need to speak out, that’s who I am, that’s how I am, God made me this way. You would rather I just get over it and move on? Well, I can’t yet. If you can’t tolerate that, I understand and we don’t have to be friends. I will do everything possible to speak in love, but I will speak out against what I believe to be wrong. I don’t want to lose friends because of my strong views about the current state of the world but if I do lose you, well so be it. Have a nice life. I have to be true to myself, not try to please you.

Peace, love, and Happy New Year!


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