The Poetry of 2016


It's done
And it begins
We have lost our way
But we are on the path we laid

"You say you want a revolution?
Well you know you're not the only one"
And do you recall what revolution is?
It's a nasty fight
People riot
People ignite
We lose before we gain
And nothing again is the same

I'm afraid you started a revolution alright
Just not the one you wanted
And so we die
A slow painful death
While I cry
You beat your chest

Our children watch us become devils
In the name of a righteous cause
There is no break, there is no pause
Just constant chatter
Everyone talking and no on listening
Everyone lecturing
No one caring

Goodbye democracy
You were too much woman for us

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In a world where wisdom is measured by who can deceive most effectively
Where truth is relative
We get a Trump

In a country where freedom has become just a word lost in a history we know nothing about
Where "others" threaten us
We get a Trump

In a place long since drown in its own sense of self importance, lacking empathy, spawned by endless "news" dehumanizing each other for profit
We get a Trump

In a world where God has been replaced by the golden statue of ideology
Where Pharisees cry wolf but refuse to say their emperors are naked and they love money and power more than God and people
We get a Trump

In a country that thinks it is unstoppable, indestructible
where haughty brutes blow smoke up our asses while lulling us to sleep with words of protection
We get a Trump

In a world of constant communication without connection
Where everyone is talking and no one is listening
We get a Trump

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Playing in the sun
On the grass
Soaking wet
Hair drenched
Not a care in the world
Running through the sprinkler

Full of joy
Arms wide open
Hand in hand
With my cousin

Embracing the air
That takes all our care
And shapes our faces to joy
Laughing from our souls
Like we will never grow old
As only children can

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You love them
They are not the men who hurt you
They are not always trying to trick you
They need your love and guidance
They are not the enemy

Your anger is from fear 
Fear of them becoming "those men"
Don't look through fear
Look through love
Don't react in fear
React in love 

Stop trying to control 
All the time

Believe the best
Teach the best
Show the best
Hope for the best

See them as who they are
Son's that you love

Linger, stay in the moments
Just one more moment
Dance with them  
Laugh at their jokes
Relish when they dance for you
Relish when they laugh with you
Read to them still

Instruct kindly
Again, instruct kindly
React slowly
Again, react slowly 
Let them be

See the good
Acknowledge the good
Appreciate the good
There is a lot of good
Hold onto the good 

Help them become excellent men
Don't expect them to be mediocre men
They are not the men who hurt you
Don't make them pay for the sins of others

Enjoy them
Don't suppress them
Celebrate them
Encourage them
Time is leaving
Always leaving
What will they remember?

"Love covers a multitude of sins"
So love
It's never too late

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You, me and Joe were little
In homemade Halloween costumes, remember that?
That is a good memory
Innocent, not a care in the world
Other than trick or treating

The big people made tornadoes
And we watched from broken windows
In the midst of turmoil we found each other
On a swing set in a cow pasture
Playing Chinese Checkers
Looking for ghost in the old house
Hiding in the Alabama woods with cousins

Memories fade
I can't hold them any longer
Some stay though
The wreck in the ditch because drunk grandpa
Dancing to Elvis on picnic tables at dads
Midnight sitting in the middle of the street
With neighborhood kids
Fighting, crying, singing, shucking corn
Listening to grandma’s stories
And you cried that first talent show I was in
I remember that

You were the strong one, the confident one, the boss.
I knew you but I didn't
You were my nurse feeding me a soup made of broth,
Milk, tea and whatever else you could find
God that stuff was awful

You always seemed sad and heavy with life
Your face ached of things you couldn't or wouldn't say
But how would I know really?
I was looking away most of the time
Wanting to be anywhere but there

Mom did the best she could, now I understand
You tried to keep me in line but I would have none of that
I know I drove you crazy
I wasn't calm and sweet like Joe

How did you endure my brattiness, my selfishness?
How did you stand my judgements, my condescension?
My arrogance
I have many regrets

We grew up too fast
You had a baby at 16
And I went away searching
For whatever it was I couldn't find 

Now memories drown in daily needs
Years pass and suddenly
Its mid life
We’re more done with then beginning
Almost over the hill and the hill is a steep decline

But when I see you now
You don’t seem sad and heavy with life
Your face isn’t full of ache and things you can’t say
It looks as if you found your place
Like you’re happy
I’m so happy you are happy
We turned out ok you know?
We are all three OK
And life is only half way over

You me and Joe were little
In homemade Halloween costumes
Innocent, not a care in the world
Other than trick or treating
Back then, we had each other
We will always have each other

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"I never knew grief felt so much like fear, I can't stop swallowing." CS Lewis

The deepest sadness
You can't share
Shame them not
I hear
It's all your fault

You gave too much
Dreamed to big
Expected too much
Didn't do enough
Did too much
Too much 
Not enough

It's gone now
Grieve alone 
Puff goes the smoke up your ass
"You're great" they said 
Your dreams are dead
They aren't yours to mourn 
Hang up that damn phone
This isn't your life
You just pay for it

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 Because you're just..

Easily swayed by the media

If you would just..

Do some research
Mind your own business
Be quiet

You're just..

A socialist liberal
Have changed

People like you are just..

Ignorant of the facts
Drinking that Kool-Aid

I'm just
 Tired of YOUR just

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