What is Life?

Disclaimer: I'm emotional, I'm menopausal, sleep deprived and maybe a tad over dramatic right now, continue to read at your own risk :-)

I'm typing this on my phone, sitting at the bar of New Orleans Hamburger and Seafood, I've had some fried green tomatoes with boiled shrimp and 1/2 a Bloody Mary (it was too spicy) and now I'm drinking an Old Fashioned. 

Evangeline was admitted to the New Orleans Children's Hospital ICU yesterday with DKA ( Diabetic Keto Acidosis) I came around 4 yesterday to be with her. 

The Dr told Her today that she was a day away from much worse than being in ICU. They are changing her insulin regime and hopefully this experience will kick her in the butt to take care of herself. 

And literally in the midst of our personal trauma, the Paris terriorist attack happens. 

I won't exploit that on here, I'll just say God be with Paris.

But here in New Orleans which is my daughters home, I've been in a state of "get it done" that's the place moms go to when real crisis hits. We don't cry, we take care of business. We process information, go to get non-slip hospital socks, a tooth brush, face wipes and deodorant for our child in the ICU. We think and digest what's going on, and emotionally, we put it at bay for now. 

But I'm beginning to feel it all. Maybe because of that Bloody Mary?

This is what I wrote this morning.. 

Shout out to New Orleans. 

I left the hospital this morning in search of a toothbrush and toothpaste and also coffee & breakfast since I hadn't eaten since lunch yesterday. Children's is located in my favorite part of NO, off Magazine St. So I enjoyed the drive, gosh I love the look and vibe of New Orleans. 

I'm still in my same clothes, I didn't bring a change. I look like death of course since I slept on a rock hard cot in a noisy ICU room. 

I pass up Wholefoods and head to Rouses Supermarket because if I'm paying for goods, it will be from a local grocer. 

Rouses is perfect New Orleans to me. There's hot sausage, grits and eggs in the deli, and free coffee samples on Isle 1. The employees are that easy-we've known you forever-kinda people. No pretense, a style of being that to me, is how most New Orleans folks are. 

Thank you to the orderlies at the hospital who helped me find my way around the maze back to my car and to the kind nurses. To the easy going employees at Rousses, and the old guy who told me where the butter was, New Orleans you are good people. You don't even look twice at a middle aged puffy faced woman in yesterday's clothes. No, you point her to the free coffee. 

God bless you.

Now to find a tooth brush..

Nothing about my trip to Rouses was spectacular but to me it was everything because people were nice and coffee was good. It made the world ok. 

And that was pre-Bloody Mary so...

Dean and the boys are keeping us posted on their day at the tailgate, they're having fun as usual. (Geaux Tigers!!) Wish we were there. Some Dr Pepper Celebrity is there, Larry Culpepper? He's on the DrPepper  commercials. Dean says he's a big deal so cool for them.

And now I'm back in Evangeline's room. She's been moved from ICU to a regular room and she should be able to go home tomorrow. Her sorority sister, Devyn is here visiting here. She's so blessed to have them.  I have my headphones in and Lana is singing "God Knows I Tried" to me. 

This is life.


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