Goodbye 47, Hello Forty-Frickin'-Eight!

47 was a pretty good year, other than getting fired for requesting equal pay and being unemployed for four months, it was a good year in my life.

I learned a lot.

I deepened friendships with a small group of friends, we call ourselves "The Defectors" but I like Ex-pats, The word comes from the Latin terms ex ("out of") and patria ("country, fatherland"). And since we are all no longer going to church, I think that term fits us well :-)

Dean and I surprised the kids with a trip to Disney World, which was fantastic.

I was able to go with Evangeline to all but one of her theater competitions, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

I finally lost 5 lbs after a year of working out.

My hormones got back in line and my hair, skin and nails started to look healthy again thank God! ( I need my hair and nails to look good, they are just about all I have left!)

And I got on some anti-middle age crazy-pills (Welbutrin), which everyone is thankful for.

So that is all good.

But these last two weeks of 47 were not so great.

We are dealing with some screw ups with Evangeline's college financial aid.

She had a horrible boil that had to be lanced. She was in a lot of pain and anything like that is concerning since she has diabetes. (I couldn't stop taking pictures of it and sending it to family. It was nasty)

And after dealing with swelling off and on along my jaw line over this last year, and pain just recently, a CT scan showed a 1.8 cm nodule on my thyroid which I have to get biopsied next week.

But even with the bad, which is a normal part of every one's life, I believe 47 was a pivotal year in my life.

I finally found the book I am supposed to write now. Sure, I have about three books I've started writing but while I was out of work for four months this year it came to me, a bunch of characters found me and decided I need to write their story.

The work of fiction I'm working on. The title is covered by my finger because it's a secret.
I set a goal of writing a little everyday, which I probably stick to 4 out of seven days a week. I also set a goal of being finished with it by the time I turn 49 and then work to get it published before I turn 50.

I'm 70 pages in and right now I'm thinking there will be more than one book, like a series maybe.

One thing I learned this year is never make fun of successful authors who write fiction because even though I think their writing sucks, (50 Shades, cough-cough) I can't necessarily do better. Writing fiction is HARD! Props to anyone who does it well.

So even though I don't like getting older, I don't like menopause AT ALL! I don't like that my only girl is leaving me for college and I don't like biopsies, I still think 48 may be a good year.

I really hope by this time next year, when I'm writing this birthday post, it includes a picture of my completed book, proudly displaying the name of it, with me bragging about how Stephen King wrote an endorsement (Kinda reaching there maybe :-)


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