Thoughts on Fear in The Age of TMI

There are legitimate things to fear like poisonous snakes, falling trees, my daughter getting raped by a drunk frat boy. You know, normal rational fears.

Dr. Phil once said "what you fear you create." I hope that's not true.

I think what he meant was more like, what you fear AND sift through the filter of fear, is what you create...maybe. When we fear something don't we usually stay away from that something?

Like poisonous snakes...

But when Dean is late getting home from work and I fear he's off with a prostitute or having a homosexual affair with a guy at work simply because most men I know are cheaters, well that's somewhat irrational but only like 50% irrational really.

But then there's that tree..
and poisonous snakes..
and rapey drunk frat boys.

See fear is tricky. Fear is something that has to be handled, we can't let it handle us.

There is healthy fear. I fear being stupid so I read books. I fear being a feeble old lady at age 60 so I eat healthier now and work out. I feared not being able to pay all our bills so I worked hard to find a job. A little fear can change our path, help us make better choices.

There is also unhealthy fear.

When Dean's whereabouts are unknown to me for, say, 20 minutes, I automatically think he's off getting oral sex from a prostitute on Airline Highway.

But really he's waiting in line for donuts.

THAT is irrational fear and I have to really work on not thinking like that.

I feel like we live in an age of bat-shit crazy fear, especially here in America. We are high on fear.

It's because we know too much, we see everything that happens everywhere now, the minute it happens and the fear mongers jump on everything and spin plates full of steaming, tasty looking, stomach filling fear.

Media outlets like FOX news exist for the sole purpose of inducing fear and feeding fearful people.

And fear makes a giant sucking sound as it engulfs the weak and needy. Fear welcomes all who need a purpose in life.

"Live for me!! I will give you all the ammunition you need to make your bloody escape from Hell, Liberals, Muslim's, big brother and the impoverished bottom feeders on welfare who want to take all our money."

That fear is as juicy as a big red apple.

To me THAT is irrational. The game FOX news plays is so obvious to me.

I'm always shocked when people defend it. No matter what you can say about all other news outlets, and there is a lot, they are biased, in bed with big money, liberal, I agree, that's all true, but never before has there been a pseudo-news channel peddling fear and people buying it like FOX news.

I guess that is a fear I have to handle, the fear of what FOX news is doing to Christians and to our country.

And I'm not afraid to say, "The emperor is naked! and he's a big fat poisonous snake!"

I think if I pay attention to a little fear, keep everything in perspective, it transforms into actions that can cause change. When I decide I'm not going to sit back quietly, giving into the fear, letting it have it's way, that's how I make fear my B!%ch.

(I've already used two curse words in this blog post so I fear I will AGAIN be labeled a heathen by my church friends :-)

Like working out and eating better to not be a feeble old lady at 60, staying away from poisonous snakes, and warning Evangeline about date rape drugs, I work to control the fear, handle up on it.

I may well be like Eowyn, I may fear staying behind bars until youth and old age accept them, and like her, I will fight to stay away from that cage...

And poisonous snakes.


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