Evangeline's Essay

Evangeline had to write an essay about her life to accompany a few scholarship applications. 

Since she only has one month of Highschool left until she graduates and moves on to the next phase of her life, I thought I'd post her essay here. It's a fun look back at her life so far and what she wants for the future. She gave me permission :-)

Essay of My Dreams and Goals

By Evangeline Turner


My name is Evangeline Turner and I am 18 years old. I am described by most people as very energetic and outgoing. I love singing, acting and foodI have lived for 16 years as a Type One Diabetic, I was diagnosed one month after I turned 2 years old. My family and I (especially me since I have to do the shots and prick my finger several times a day) pray for a cure. But I don’t let my diabetes stop me from living a full and active life. am a senior at Dutch Town High-school, I have an after school job at a day care and I am very involved in Theater and Choir. 


Let me start by telling you about my singing. Since a young age I have sung in plays at church, entered talent contests and sung karaoke with my family. I was also a finalist twice in our local “Ascension Idol” competition. I’ve been active in choir since freshman year and I lettered in Choir.


I love to sing but I also love to act. I especially love when I get to combine the two. This year I was cast as Eileen, a lead role in the musical, “Back to the 80’s” where I preformed several vocal solos along with acting and dancing. Later this month I will be preforming in “High-School Musical” as Gabriella where I will be singing, dancing and acting again. Since freshman year, Theater has been my life. I have competed at Speech and Debate competitions throughout Louisiana. This school year alone our team traveled and competed in over 20 competitionsI compete in the categories of Duo Reading, Duet Acting, Oral Interpretation, Humorous Interpretation and Dramatic Interpretation. I have won over 10 trophies in some of these categorizes and just last weekend my duo partner and I made it to finals at state competition in Shreveport Louisiana. But there is more to being a Thespian then just acting, or at least there is for me. I am also the secretary for the Thespian society which means I’m the person who makes sure things are organized, list are made, fees paid, and whatever else the president and our theater coach needs from me. Last year I won the award for above and Beyond from theatre department. That is why thespians have a shirt that reads, “I can’t, I have rehearsal.” Because that pretty much sums up what I do with all of my time when I’m not a school. I am living the life of a theater actress, rehearsing, finding costumes, touching up my pieces for competitions, learning songs for musicals, practicing them any chance I get and perfecting my craft all while working to maintain a 3.0 GPA. It’s a great, fun, busy life.


As I mentioned, I also have a passion for the Culinary Arts. Prior to entering High-school, I volunteered at an inner city church and community center calledThe Baton Rouge Dream Center. From the age of 10 to 14, I cooked and served Breakfast to the homeless every Wednesday morningsMy mother was homeschooling me at the time so I was able to go at 5am to cook, then stay to serve the food. We fed 50-100 people who would come to the facility and we also took food out into the areas where we knew the homeless people lived, under bridges and down town.


Up until a few years ago, when my commitment to theater took over all my free time, I served in the nursery at my church on Sundays. I also volunteered each year at Vacation Bible School, worked with numerous outreaches to the community and I occasionally assisted with an after school program for at-risk youth. 


I enjoy cooking, baking and I love how creative and beautiful food can be also. I have a dream of owning a restaurant where each booth has a different performing arts theme, like what you see in the movie Pulp Fiction, where servers were dressed as Marilyn Monroe and Elvis, and waited on customers sitting in a booths shaped like car from the 1950s. I feel this type of restaurant would combine my love for the performing arts and my love for cooking and eating food. That’s also why I plan to major in business at University of New Orleans. I will need a good business foundation to start and manage such a business successfully.


My goal for the future is happinessI plan to achieve this goal by following my dreams. I am not working towards fame rather my goal is to change the world and change the way people look at things, to show them a different perspective on life,to help people become more open minded. I believe art does that, music, theater, painting, creating in all its forms, including the culinary arts, open the eyes of the world.


I would be honored to receive this scholarship and I thank you for reading my essay and I thank you for your consideration.


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