Today I'm 47

I'm sitting in my bed, Steve the cat (whom I am allergic to) is sleeping at my feet. I'm typing this with thumbs on my iPhone, trying to see through watering eyes (the cat) and wishing we had internet here at home so at least the words I'm typing would be on a bigger screen and maybe I could see them better. 

I'm listening to Same Old Same Old by The Civil Wars, thinking how I'm sad they broke up for good and wondering what the real story is there...

My kids made me breakfast this morning, we watched Key and Peele and then when I came into my room to catch up on social media they came and wrestled in the bed beside me.

It's thundering outside and threatening to rain. 

Dean just got home from work, I need to workout and shower but I don't feel like doing either. 

Evangeline wanted to make me a cake but I really can't have cake in the house. I'd eat too much of it and that doesn't fit into my new doctor prescribed carb/protein balance diet I have to be on now. 

I came home from work Friday to find boxes on my doorstep, birthday presents from Dad and Donna. Is there anything better then coming home to packages at the doorstep on birthday weekend?

Tonight we are going to Pluckers so I can get my free birthday dinner. Last night I went to Bin 77 with Esther and Haley, and Friday night we did Karokee with Evangeline's drama friends and Shannon, her theater teacher. 

It's been a great birthday weekend.

I'm far from rich materially but I feel like I live a freakishly charmed life. I have a husband who loves me even with this extra 20 lbs on my redneck frame, I have three perfect kids, good friends, the house of my dreams, and a job helping some of the people Jesus called "the least of these" (Matthew 25). How is this possible? 

Getting older is what it is, good and bad. I feel like I'm 25, 16, and 52, all rolled into one. Wonderful days like these are getting shorter and shorter as I age, I want to embrace them rather than let them passby as if they are due me. They are not. 

So thank you 47 for starting out really nice, I deeply appreciate it.


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