18 and Life to Go

She's 18 today.
My baby girl, Luigi, E, our Uh-vang-uh-lin!

Look at her twitter header, she is truly the child of Dean and I in every way..but she's better than us, she's more fun, more free, prettier in every way.

There is nothing I want more for my kids, all of them, than to do more, be more, live more then I have.
I'm glad she is already.

Sadly though, today she woke up vomiting on her birthday.
She had stayed up late making cup cakes for her kids at the day care and now she can't even give them to the kids.

Her blood sugar was in range, thank God, so we ruled out DKA. That's always the first thing we think whenever she throws up because she's a diabetic.
I think she got a bug from the day care she works at. The only time I ever got stomach bugs was when I worked at a day care.

Regardless, throwing up and diabetes don't mix well.
So her 18th birthday she will spend in bed drinking fluids, checking her blood sugar, and hopefully, not throwing up again.

I will spend it worried about her blood sugar levels while I'm at work,  calling and texting her to make sure she's alive and drinking, checking blood sugar, eating if she can, so we don't end up in the ER on her 18th birthday (which has happened when she's sick, several times, since she was diagnosed at age 2)

It's hard to let them grow up, especially when they still need us, but it's time. Her Endocrinologist even said, she's an adult now, she needs to take more control of her diabetes care. But I'll always be her mom and I will never stop worrying about her no matter how grown she is.

Hopefully by tonight she will be better so we can go to Plucker's for her free birthday dinner. That's what we Turner's do on birthdays, go to Plucker's and eat chicken wings and fried pickles (pickles are her favorite food).

Happy 18th Birthday to The Most Beautiful Girl In The World!


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