Ain't Nothin' I Love Like A Good Boycott

I'm a big fan of boycotts. Not the call a press conference, scream it from the rooftop, Southern Baptist kind of boycotts, no I'm talking about the simple, I ain't gonna buy your crap, kinda boycotts.

There has long since been places where I refuse to shop, places I won't allow my kids to shop, places I tell anyone who ask, why I don't shop there.

Several years back I downloaded the Free2Work app for my iPhone. it grades business on Human Rights issues. I try very hard to give my business to the ones on there which have an A, B or at the worse, a C rating only. I also try to buy fair trade, local, and from small businesses.

Except for my one weakness...


Yes, I admit it, I love Amazon.

I shop there ALL THE TIME.

And I turned a blind eye and deaf ear to how bad they were.

I heard a scathing expose on Amazon last year on NPR. I was shocked at how poorly they treated their employees. I also know a guy who worked for them for a brief time and he also said, things were not so great there.

But I just didn't let that phase me.

I kept right on-a shopping.

For some reason, my need to get books and everything else I wanted online, super conveniently, blinded me from my activism. When it came to Amazon, I checked my convictions at the door...or should I say shopping cart.

That is, until last weekend.

I was sitting down to watch some TV after a day of house cleaning, I  clicked my DVR to find my recorded episodes of the Colbert Report. I started watching. Suddenly, there he was, talking about how Amazon was playing some monopoly hardball with his publisher and some small time (and big time) writers.

Here, watch..

I thought, "Carole, you once were bind but now, thanks to Stephen, you can see. You know what you have to do. It's time to boycott your favorite place to shop. It's time to boycott Amazon."

And so friends, just like that, Stella got her groove back, I mean, Carole got her convictions back.

Slacktivist, activist, boycottavist, whatever you wanna call me, I don't care. Cuz' I'm going back to old school, walking around a book store, sipping coffee, perusing books and buying them.

We actually took the kids to Barnes and Nobel on Friday and it was fun. They love going to the book store, they think Amazon is only where mom buys everything else, they haven't lost the innocence of loving the real-brick and mortar-book store.

I can't let my fellow writers suffer at the hand of a controlling giant. That giant must change his ways, and nothing hurts a pimp like a hit in the wallet.

So I join Stephen and others in this fight.

Writers unite! 

I may suffer withdrawals, I know this and I'm prepared thanks to Esquire Magazine.

Esquire posted this article, How to Quit Amazon and Actually Shop in a Bookstore  It's for those of us who refuse to take the Amazon pimp slap. Those of us who have decided to rebel against it and fight the power.

Are you with us?

Do it for freedom.

Do it for justice.

Do it for the underdogs, the underpaid Amazon employees, the under appreciated book writers, the little guys who need us to help them stick it to the man-Amazon.

Cuz there ain't nothin' that says "oh yea, well, you don't own us! This is America! You gonna tell us to take our business elsewhere? Really. Well we will then. We ain't yo' bottom Hoe No Moe!" like a good old fashion Boycott!



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