One Day

I am a dreamer but I'm also a worker. I wish I was more of a worker, not so lazy. I think about all of the books inside me wanting to be written and my next thought is of how much time and work writing all those books would take and that keeps me putting it off one more day. Or I will write a little tiny bit to satisfy the writer expecting the writer to stop talking to me every day for a while since I threw her a bone, but the next morning, there she is again telling me "hear that? That's your books in here needing to get out, don't binge watch Breaking Bad, write!" But I ignore her and I binge watch Breaking Bad, chased by some Workaholics and I think how great they are written, how creative they are.

Yesterday I had Evangeline read this post, Famous People Who Found Success Despite Failures because she always feels like she lives in the shadows of her friends in Drama. They always get the leads, the rewards, it chips away at her self esteem. But what I love is how she still works so hard. She will cry and get upset but she doesn't stop working hard to get those roles, to be better. She's 100% committed to her dream. So, I wanted to encourage her to never give up Dreaming and working even if her talents are not seen or appreciated now because there are LOTS of famous, successful people who were told to quit many times. 

As I read the article I felt so convicted. I saw all of those people who would rather work hard and be told their stuff sucked over and over again, than to not put legs to their dreams at all. I don't just want my daughter, and my sons to live like that, I want to live like that.

In the blog post they talked about Colonel Sanders, how he was 65 when he started living his dream. 65! I can't use age as an excuse, the future is always ahead of us until we draw our last breath. I have to believe and live what I want my kids to believe and live. One Day is now. It's always right now.

But how many times have I written this very post?  The future is always when I'm going to finish those books, when will it become the present? Today?

I say, nothin' comes from dreamers but dreams
I say, sittin' idle in our boat
While everyone else is down the stream
Nothin' comes from talkers but sound
We can talk all we want to
But the world still goes around and round
Round and round
We go round and round and round
And what we're lookin' for still isn't found

Round and Round by Tevin Campbell


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