Valentine Reflections: What I Learned About Love Last Year

 I saw this quote from my girl Angelina and It took my breath away. I lived that way for as long as I  can remember. I have that tendency now even still, but I fight it. I work to breath in my space and the people in it. Look my moments square in the eye and hold it's gaze. My kids and my husband Dean especially. Gosh, how many moments are gone, wasted on longing rather then spent enjoying. My work and my co-workers, my family near and far, my friends! 

Places, like my beautiful home, North Street Park, Things like good food, coffee, wine, gin and tonic, beautiful heels, comfy boots, finger nail polish, a good book. Being in the moment means looking at them. Really taking it all in.  Music, movies, art, laughter.  I've always appreciated these things but I always thought there was something maybe in the next moment rather then seeing the perfectness in that very space in time. There's not always something better, sometime this is it and its the BEST! Look at it! It is perfect.  Gosh, I love knowing this now. It transforms my heart.

I knew greater how to live in pain, anger, guilt and doubt rather then love, so now I'm working to live in and appreciate the moments of love, joy, pleasure, peace, with the people, places, things I love, just a little longer.


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