2013: Trying to Walk in the Sand of Forgivness and Grace

I believe forgiveness isn't saying "I'm OK with what you did." or "I'm making excuses for your actions in my mind so now I can accept your choices." No, forgiveness is saying "I wish you no ill will. I wish you a good life, grace and mercy, not vengeance. Heaven not hell." THAT is forgiveness, that is why a person like Nelson Mandela can forgive killers of his people, those who imprisoned him, those who hated him, he didn't think what they did was OK, he simply didn't want vengeance or revenge, he wanted them to live in heaven, not hell. Which is what Jesus decided for us all when he died on the cross, he decided he wanted us to be with him in heaven forever, he forgave us so we could forgive others.

I learned an old lesson yet again this last year, walking in forgiveness and grace is hard. Like walking in the hot, deep sand at the beach. Not the hard sand near the water but that soft sand that likes to swallow your feet with every step. When you're carrying the umbrella, a chair and trying to roll an ice chest and every step toward the shore is more difficult. Forgiveness and grace are like that because things still make you mad, people still pull on you, bitterness calls and it would be easier to just stop walking, set up the umbrella, sit down in the chair, open that ice chest and drink a beer. But near the water is where the sand gets firm, and it's cool. You can build sand castles and make little ponds of water with your butt cheeks. You can run in that firm sand and the water splashing your feet feels so good. 

But ya gotta walk through the difficult sand to get to the easy sand and the water.


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