The Fresh, Crisp Air of Fall

I always love the fall. I think everyone does right? I remember last fall, we were living in a travel trailer, my church world was full of heartbreak and I was working at a horrible, miserable job. But even then, it was wonderful to feel the coolness in the air of Fall.

That new feeling in the air represents change. When there's football and tailgating going on, coats being brought out of storage, leaves falling to the ground, Pumpkin pie Latte's at Starbucks, it just seems to be telling us yes, things are changing now.

I started this new job on October 15th, fitting it was right in the middle of Fall because like the crisp cool air, this job has been clean air to my lungs. The people I'm working with love Jesus, love people, and they aren't conservative Republicans. I came home after my first week and told Dean how strange it was to have a conversation about Obama and it not be filled with qualifiers, disdain or disappointment and judgement of me for being a fan of his. I've only been surrounded by conservatives for so long, I didn't even know how to act at first, but it's so wonderful and refreshing, like Fall air.

The down side for the blog is I'm busier and loving life right now so writing dark sad blog post isn't happening. I also can't freely write about my work either, there's HIPA laws and all that fun stuff I have to consider. So although it's a fascinating job, one where I am working along side great people and serving some of the people Jesus talks about in Matthew 25, the kind of people that make me feel alive, I have to be extra careful what I write about it. I want to respect reentering citizens and not exploit them. What I can say is the tide is turning, change is beginning and I am so blessed to be even a small part of it.

The fresh, crisp air of Fall is wonderful.

Me, Lydia-Lead Case Manager, Rachel-Director, and Julie-Job Developer. Not pictured, James Windom-Executive Director and Checo Yancy-Mentor Coordinator.


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