RIP Peter

Peter Gray has been coming around the Dream Center since 2007. He was murdered Wednesday night. Here is the story,

Peter was homeless, he usually smelled bad and was always in need. But as pastor Craig said when he heard about Peter's death, he prayed for you twice as much as he asked for things from you.

Everyone around the Dream Center knew Peter. You would see him mowing grass for hire at a house near by, helping out at St Vincent De Paul, having breakfast at No Place Outreach, bringing flowers to Pastor Hope, asking for food or clothes at the Boutique or enjoying coffee at the DC Cafe.

Peter loved Jesus and always treated people with kindness and grace. And Peter could pray. It was a very slurred prayer but a thoughtful, sincere prayer prayed from the heart of a broken, hurting, soul.

I think Peter will be remembered for his persistence in need, not smelling very good, his chipper demeanor, his willingness to always help and serve others and his slurred prayers.

But I have to say, last time I saw him was in late July and I noticed immediately he was more articulate and he was heavier, cleaner then usual, he looked healthy. I told him so too and he said he was feeling good. I was happy he was sober and clean.

I'm glad I had the privilege of seeing Jesus in Peter. He should not of died the way he did. He deserved better.

You are free now Peter. Free of addiction, homelesness, and what ever pain and misfortune brought you to live that life. You are with your father God now. Rest in that peace friend.


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