Tales from the Wander: What Now?

We have been on a break from the BRDC Since August, two weeks ago we decided to continue visiting other churches, because we just felt our time there was up. Then I found out that pastor Craig and Hope felt it was time for them to be moving on to other adventures also. So we came back this last Sunday to tell them goodbye and be a part of welcoming Terry Franks and Bree as the new pastors of the Dream Center.

This last year has been CRAZY as you know. It's been sad and weird and good and bad and joyful and stressful and painful and hopeful and surreal and..and, well much more that maybe one day I will be able to put into words.

But a friend said to me a few weeks back, "Maybe all this had to happen for us to move on as we are supposed to, we were all so comfortable." 

I think that's an accurate statement.

I pray for my pastors, my friends, my brother and sister, Hope and Craig as they begin this new path of their journey. I am so thankful I had the honor and privilege of serving under them since 2007. We have been through some crazy stuff together and they have influenced me and my family more then they will ever know.

I can't wait to see what's ahead for them.

As for us, we plan on taking a year or so, try and find a church that has some good meaty teaching so we can learn and just relax, not get involved, but take our time to heal. Like going to rehab or detox or spending time in a mental hospital (yes, I compared church to a mental hospital) we need to get better, get a different perspective. It may not take a year, who knows, we will see.

We are wide awake.

Dean and I with Hope and Craig on last time on the BRDC stage together
The worship was amazing, as always. I will miss being apart of that team more then words can say.

Lots of big wigs from the Highland campus came to bid farewell to Craig and Hope and introduce Terry and Bree Franks as the new pastors.

The Boutte family. They are stepping out on faith, have no plans as of yet, but I have a strong feeling they are gonna be just fine. :-)


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