On The Way Home, Ready for the New Year

We're driving home from Okeechobee right now, I'm blogging from my phone so please excuse typos and grammatical errors.
We had a great visit with my family. We danced, sang karaokee, sat by the fire, drank Amaretto, laughed, ate too much and had our family pictures taken by Amber Lynn. (She's a friend of my niece, Candice, and she takes great pictures)
I enjoy my visits to Okeechobee but Baton Rouge is home and I'm ready to get back home and sleep in my own bed.
Is there anything better then your own bed?
I'm also ready to kick this 2012 into high gear.
I'm excited.
Like just about everyone else, I get very contemplative at the end of the year/beginning of the new year.
I've looked back on 2011 and I feel like it was a really good year.
Full of new adventures.
Painful at times.
But over all, very good.
And now that I'm looking forward, after looking back, I can see a lot of areas that I need to improve on.
I give up too easily.
I read stories about people who were told "no" and pressed on. Others who fought against all odds for what they believed. And when I read stuff like that, I think about how I give up too easily. I don't fight hard enough for what I want. What I think is right.
I want to change that this year.
There's more that I've seen in me these last couple weeks, more that I want to change, more that I want to cultivate, more that I want to kill, more to nurture, more to give away.
And more to write.
Yea, I'm looking forward to this year.
I've got a few good blog post brewing.
And I hope to be able to do Extra work in a lot more movies this year.
16 of the movies we've been extras in come out this year so I'm hoping we can at least see our blurry selves walking in the background on some of them.
Tomorrow I start a major diet (like 90% of America does at the first of the year) and I'm hoping to lose 20lbs.
Oh, and it's an Election year!! So even though I have 990 followers on twitter right now, I'm looking forward to watching that number rise and fall with my political tweets. AND I'm really gonna work on not unfollowing friends who tick me off with theirs.
Good times. Good times.
Happy New Year.


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