2011, Part 3: The Year I Became A Movie Extra-A Pictorial.

Since last January, Dean, my kids and I have worked as Extra's on over 16 movies and 3 TV shows! You can see the complete list HERE which also contains the release dates for each. But I want to highlight some of the more memorable sets that I worked on this last year....
The beautiful city of New Orleans. The only plus side to the two days I spent sitting in my van in the HOV lane of I10, when I worked on 21 Jump Street. When I hear Extra's complaining on a set now I just say "let me tell you about my days on 21 Jump, I had to pee in a Dr. Pepper can..." Yea.

 I can't post the name of the movie, confidentiality and all, but I will say thank God I didn't have to put on any make up or do my hair because these were some super early call times.

..and yes, that's me, a modern THIN and young woman looking very old and fat in 1820's dress. I ain't skairt!

This one's from the Parker shoot. This band was in the parade scene and they got restless after 5 hours of waiting in Extra's holding so the band director decided to have them practice. It was amazingly wonderful! We rocked out! I teared up. I love music.

This is from the movie, Loft. This was the night I almost broke the cardinal rule of Extra-ing, never ask a star for an autograph. But I was on set with Eomer, (Karl Urban) and well.. I was totally star struck.

Ah yes, Switch. a little TV movie where I played a teacher, a parent, a high school basketball fan, a hamburger joint patron, and more! I spent many days on this set. And as you can see by the picture of these young-uns, we all take our acting very seriously.
Esther and I were the only Extra's one night on the set of Switch, and we were board so we had a little fun planking.

This is from when I got to do stand in work on the movie, The Paper Boy for Actress Neala Gordon. It was a really great 6 days!

This was just ONE of my days on the A&E TV series, Break out Kings...Always the professional. Literally, I'm so type cast. But I ain't complaining.
This is from GI Joe, I was a lady at a military funeral. Can't you tell by the pearls, black dress and red lips?
Bullet to the Head. I was a cop, Dean was a Fireman. It was like dressing up for Halloween. So fun!

This is from the HBO series, Treme. Dean, Me and the kids were on it several times but only Dean actually made it to being seen on screen...

..but let me tell you, this day was great. We were filming a parade scene, and they told us to "act" like we were Bar-B-Qing and having a good time but people started really doing just that and next thing you know Steele was eating Crawfish with strangers. It was a blast!
This is from the movie, Stash House and it was the first movie where I THOUGHT I had a "line". I said "Happy Birthday Dr. Nash" and the 5 people sitting behind me chime in so technically, if 5 or more people are saying the same thing, they don't consider that a "line" so they don't have to pay you what they pay people who actually have a line. It was still really cool...other then filming in a Cat hospital.

The Philly Kid. One of the best movie sets ever! We had several nights of night shoots and I get delirious and/or cranky when I don't sleep, but on this set, it was great...
...Most of it we did with Nathan and Esther so we had a lot of fun and made lots of friends and that's where we met Hank, Casting Dude extraordinaire!

And I saved the best for last. This is from my beloved Contraband! My first! I was so completely green and I was in a scene with Mark Wahlberg. Wait, you haven't heard that story? Well go read it HERE!! This will always be so so so special to me. January 14th 2011, the beginning of my illustrious career as an Extra in Swamp Hollywood! AND you can see me already in the trailer for Contraband..

(But this is not a pic of the scene that I did with Mark, I'm just in the background here, Like I said, you should go read about the scene.)

Contraband hits theaters January 12th, almost a year to the day from when we were on it!

2012 will probably be a year of me blogging about what movies you see me or my family in or blogging about the ones we were cut from...let's hope there aren't too many of those, for every one's sake, because those will more then likely read like a two year old temper tantrum.

  2011 was the year of me becoming a shameless movie Extra geek and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


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