2011, Part 2: Best Of..

If you don't watch Parks and Recreations you're missing one of the best ever. Ron Swanson is my favorite character.

The Help was good like The Color Purple, it made me ugly cry at the end.

If you saw her perform on the American Music Awards, you know why this Album is on my list. I love that Adele sounds better live then she does recorded. That can be said about very few singer/song writers these days.

There are times in life when you read a book and you know that it's the catapult slinging you over the wall. This was that book for me. I read it while doing Stand-In work on the movie, The Paper Boy. It was a very interesting paradox.

If you live in the Baton Rouge area, you need to eat here. It's the best new thing in town, that's for sure.

Finally! I'm so ready to return to Peter Jackson's Middle Earth.

Blue is the new black.


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