Music Work Out

I've been working out with a personal trainer for a couple weeks now.
She's my friend Daurie.
She's a great trainer.
But I only work out with her twice a week
so I have to work out on my own the other days.
I usually do The Biggest Loser workout on the Xbox.
But today I wanted to get the kids involved so I decided to run/walk for 30 minutes around our neighborhood.

I'm gonna admit something here, I've never ran/walked or anything with ear buds in, listening to music.
Granted, I don't like to do activities out side, it's hot, and things are blooming that make it hard for me to breath so as a rule, If I'm active, exercising or whatever, it's inside if I can help it.

But today I put on Dean's old iPhone,
turned on his iTunes,
put the ear buds in my ears,
hit shuffle and suddenly the world was set to a sound track.

This was my play list.
In this order...
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Welcome to the Jungle
Even Flow

Beat It
Tell me that aint a "pump you up-get you going" play list!

It was like I couldn't help but
jog, walk, fast walk, repeat.

Every song encouraged that.
Every song made me want to move.

By the time Beat It came on I was getting really tired and out of breath.

But then..
well there was a need for air guitar and dancing.
cuz' well, MJ was on.
But I was in the street.
of my neighborhood.
and it was daylight.
and my kids were with me.

So I danced and played air guitar all the way home.

Steele laughed.

Abel kept on running to his own music in his ears.

and E tried to distance herself from me and my invisible guitar.

I'm not sure that she will ever recover from the embarrassment.

It was a great work out!


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