Lazy Writer

I embarked on a new project recently.
I typed up a fancy email to send to some people that I would like to participate in it.
I mistakenly sent the first draft.

Yea, the one with all the stuff you delete or change in the second draft.
I sounded like an idiot.
I put some big words in there and too many words.

And I call myself a writer.

I read TIME magazine.
The articles are so well written.
Reading it affirms my belief that I am a lazy writer.
If I would just take the time needed....
But I don't.
I'm not thorough.
I lean toward knee jerk, not thought out and carefully considered.
The first draft I sent was a mistake of me not taking the time to read it again to make sure I was sending the one I wanted to send.

I read blogs by real writers.
They say how they never send stuff in a knee jerk fashion.
They wait to post stuff like for a day or two.
They are not lazy writers.
I am.
I hardly even wait to post an entry.
So of course, I post blog entries and then I see typos and wording problems...
That I should have taken the time to fix before hitting "publish".

Besides my anger issues, my need for affirmation,  and my inability to think I need to work out to lose weight, I feel sure that God wants me to concur my lazy writer issues also before he calls me home to heaven.


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