About Me

I took this idea from Jamie The Very Worst Missionary's latest post....

What am I about?

Live music almost always makes me tear up. I love good performances, entertaining ones, talent thick ones, worshipful ones, soft, hard, jazzy, funky, country, rock, I like it all at certain times. In my mind, life is set to music.

I don't remember a time when I didn't sing. I love to sing.

I'm not dred-locked-pot smoking artsy. I'm shallow, what I like I like. I look at the painting I got from Teila (local artist who is WAY MORE AMAZING then she knows or gets credit for) and I wonder at it's greatness. I study it, it's hard to look away. It makes me think. THAT to me is good art, no matter what it is.

I love Comedians. Making people laugh is a gift, it's work, it's art. I marvel at the creativity and I love to laugh.

The dark places of the word.
When I'm stopping to give a pack of gum or a hygiene bag to a transvestite, a gang banger, a homeless man, a prostitute, a pimp, a thug, a teen age mom, when I'm handing a rose to a stripper while she's giving a lap dance, I feel alive. I don't feel fear. I feel alive. I know the darkness hates it and I love it.

Jamie said she was about words, I'm like that too. I love words. I like to make up new words. I make so many mistakes in my words, but how else can I learn unless I'm willing to say Hyper-bowl when it really is hyperbole? Out of the heart the mouth speaks, and my heart mispronounces a lot of stuff.

I've said it before many times, I like to talk :-) But really, I like the realness of talking. I like that, after a while, if you get people talking, they usually get real. I like to say things that are provocative in conversations, even offensive, so as to get them to react rather then speak through their game face or their filter. I love using a conversation to get to the real person.

I love the smell of them, the look of them, the feel of them. I quit school in the 11th grade and before that I had failed the 6th grade and made D's and F's all throughout school. I know very little, but what I do know I owe to books.

I have almost 500 blog post that are Saved to Draft, that I have never published. I have kept a journal since I was in the 6th grade because I love to write.

My husband is my best friend. He knows me better then anyone in the world. I can tell him anything, and I do tell me everything. It's hard sometime but he is always understanding and loving.

My kids.
Each of them brings unique and wonderful lights to my heart, and a lot of the time, that light reveals nasty stuff in me. I am so thankful for my three wonderful gifts from God. I learn something from each of them almost daily. I just pray I can be the kind of parent that encourages and cultivates their spirit and does not crush it.

Nail Polish and Lip Stick.
I read last week in TIME magazine that in the past, during hard economic times, the sale of lip stick always increased while most everything else decreased. But now, during the current economic downturn,the sale of nail polish has surpassed that of lip stick. Lip stick is still on the increase but since we now have so many great nail enamels available, during this tough time, we've resort to polishing our nails more then glossing our lips. I love both. Just yesterday I bought some purple AND some gold nail polish so I can do both colors on my nails for the LSU game this weekend against the Florida gators, and I also bought some new red lip stick.

Walking with Jesus.
I leave Him behind more often then I care to admit, I get distracted by something on the side of the road, I pick up loads that I'm not meant to carry and they slow me down, I stop to talk to someone too long, or I look back to much, but he's always there, with his hand out, ready for me to grasp it again and resume our walk together. Everything "About Me" is about walking this road that he has laid out for me WITH Him. The best times are when we are walking together, him and I, singing songs, admiring great art, laughing, telling stories, reaching out to crack heads and stripper, loving my husband and kids, polishing my nails and putting on lip stick. He's what it's all about and He's apart of all of it.


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