Reading "With" on the Set of "The Paper Boy"

I sat in my Dr. Pepper folding chair that I brought from home,
behind a few make up artist that waited for between takes when they would run in and check to see if the actors needed their make up freshened up.

They talk about eye make up while they wait.

The hair stylist are near by also. They discuss whether or not a character will wear a hat during the wedding scene next week.

"Rolling" the AD and everyone else with a head set on says loudly across the set. This is the cue for all of the chatter to stop. The mics on set pick up everything!

Everyone stops talking.
We all sit quietly.

My head is buried in the book that I brought with me to set, "With" is the name of the book. It's by Skye Jathani.

I read.
I underline.
I draw stars around paragraphs.

"The temptation within activist streams of Christianity is to put the good mission of God into the place God alone should occupy...this is the first failure of LIFE FOR GOD-it puts God's mission ahead of God himself"

I ask myself, "Is that me?"

"Cut" I hear from all the ear-piece-clad crew members that stand around me.
The chatter starts again.
I don't look up much.
I continue to read.
I underline more.
and draw more stars around paragraphs.

The director comes close by and starts to discuss the next days scene with one of the main actors.
I'm distracted from my reading.

I decide to go pee and get something to drink.
Coffee with a pack of Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa mix in it. I decide that if I ever had a personal assistant like these big dog actors do, I will make this my "special request"...

Mrs, Turner request CC's espresso roast coffee that is ground to a powder just before brewing- five scoops of coffee to four cups water. Served to her as soon as brewing is complete with 1 pack of Swiss Miss Cocoa mix added.

This drink is perfect on this cool morning. The first snap of Fall is here thanks to the recently departed tropical storm.
I'm wearing a sweater.
The heat from the coffee cup feels good in my hand.

Back at set I get comfy again in my Dr. Pepper chair, holding my coffee/hot cocoa,

I continue reading.
I underline more.
I draw more stars around paragraphs.
I instagram pictures of sections that make me want to shout "Amen" and "Dang!"
Because I cant scream it out like I'd like too.
If I even said it out loud, it might invite conversation, which I don't want.
I like to be quite on the set, which they ask anyway but most people don't do it, but I want to be professional and do a good job, so I really try not to talk unless I have too. That's why I bring a book, keeps me quiet.

"2nd unit to set" I hear Angel, the bearded second assistant director with the sweet boyish face and smiling eyes say.
That's my cue.

Down onto the chair go my book, my blue reading glasses and my blue pen. I've lost my highlighter somewhere in the van and I miss it. I like to highlight AND underline.

I head into set with the other Stand-ins as the main actors head out.
The scene blocking doesn't take long, soon I'm back to my chair, my coffee, my book and my heart getting shredded by the description of people who live


"Life FOR God takes our fear of insignificance and throws gasoline on it. The resulting fire may be presented to the world as a godly ambition, a holy desire to see God's mission advance-the kind of drive evident in the apostle Paul's life. But when these flames are fueled by fear, they reveal none of the peace, joy, or love displayed by Paul. The relentless drive to prove our worth can quickly become destructive...This work was to be accomplished in perpetual communion WITH God, and it was to be motivated not by fear of insignificance, but by the assurance of God's love for us." 

"Carole and Robert" Angel says to me while nodding affirmatively that both I and the crew he is talking to on the head set, heard him.

I once again lay my stuff down in my chair and head to set to block another scene.
I sit on a desk, just as the actress did, I turn, walk out the door, also as she did. The camera men choose the right lens, check the lighting by my face, etc.
The set is ready for the actors to return and do the scene.

I go back to my chair and to reading.

These last 2 days I spent surrounded by Oscar winning directors talking shop with Oscar winning actors and heart throb movie stars.
I once again had to pinch myself at the fact that I get to do movies.
I truly love it.
And in the down time, while sitting quietly in my Dr. Pepper folding chair, reading With by Skye Jathani, God did some hard digging on my heart. 

I'm back home now.
Reading  "With".
In my normal reading spot, propped up on pillows in my bed.
I'm underlining.
I'm drawing stars around paragraphs.
I've found a highlighter and I'm putting it to use..

I'm on the chapters now about how to live life WITH God, not For, From, Over or Under Him but WITH him.

I'm ready.

(I will post a complete review of the book after I'm done, which will hopefully be by this weekend)