Movie Extra Musings, Bucket List Update

I've now been an extra on 10 movies/TV shows since that January day when Mark Wahlberg touched my arm on the set of Contraband. (I'm still determined to get a T-shirt made that says "ask me about the scene I did with Mark Wahlberg" because I still like talking about it :-)

I consider "Movie Extra" as my job now.  It's how I make my money.
It's crazy that "Movie Extra" could be my job title here in Baton Rouge Louisiana.

But Swamp-Hollywood is booming.

The other day on set, two local make up artist were complaining about how they got into the movie make-up biz so they could get work in Hollywood but all the movies are being made here now.

And it's true, This winter Quinton Terrintino, Leonardo Dicaprio and Will Ferrel, will all be making movies here.

The Rock, Nichole Kidman, Zach Efron, Matthew McConahay, Jennifer Lopez and Jason Stathom just wrapped movies here.

At any given time there are at least 10 movies/TV shows being filmed here.

I was thinking the other day about who else I would like to be in a movie with so I'm gonna update my bucket list.

I've gotten to do one with Mark Wahlberg (what, I already mentioned that? Opps ;-)

So here's the rest of the list:

Viggo Mortenson
Elijah Woods
George Clooney
Angelina Jolie
Julia Roberts
Keanu Reeves
Leonardo DiCaprio
Will Ferrell
Marisa Tomei
Meryl Streep
Sandra Bullock
Robert Downy Jr.
Tom Cruise
Brad Pitt
Robert Redford
Jeff Bridges
Bruce Willis
Samuel L Jackson
Ben Stiller
Paul Rudd

I know there are more but I can't think of them right now.

What about you? If you could be in a movie with anyone, who would it be?

I'm counting down the days until Contraband hits theaters on January 12th 2012. That is the first movie I was an extra on and it will be the first to hit theaters. I just pray I didn't get cut, cuz' I will throw one heck of a hissy-fit in the theater if I did.

If you would like to see what movies are filming here, check out this link..

If you live in the Baton Rouge/New Orleans area and would like to be a movie extra, check out;

  • The Holding Tent on Facebook
  • follow @louisianaentbiz on Twitter
  • check out
  • and register at each of the casting companies listed in my side bar under "Casting Agencies in Louisiana"

See you in the movies!


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