Monday Minutes: Movies, Music, Church and Politics

Crazy Stupid Love is a great movie. Saw it last night with Dean. Laughed till I clapped. Marisa Tomei steals every scene she's in, as she always does no matter what movie or how small her part is. She SO deserved the Oscar she won for My Cousin Vinny. She's one of my favorite actresses. The entire cast is great. You should go see it. Good Stuff.

There are very few Christian music artist that I like, I can only think of three actually. One is Shaun Groves. He's one of the good guys. His blog has inspired me for years. You should go buy his new CD, Third World Symphony it's good.

Speaking of blogs, one I have discovered lately is Tamara Out Loud She cusses like J. John and my mother so churchy-clean folks be warned but her content is Godly and inspiring non-the-less.

little rant ahead...

and speaking of Churchy-clean folk, I just read that divorce is highest in the Christian denominations in the bible belt. Aren't we, here in the belt, the great defenders of one man-one woman marriage? Wasn't the movie Fire Proof funded by a Baptist church in Alabama? And don't all the "worldly" people live in Hollywood and New York? Certainly we who scream the loudest about biblical marriage aren't the ones failing at it more then ANY one else? To think!

Full-on rant now...

I really cant stand when someones says, in reference to their church, "this is the greatest church on the planet" or when people refer to a building as "God's house" in reference to the church they attend, that building. No God's house, his body, the family of God, is not your church or mine, it's not a building at all, it consist of every Jesus loving believer in the world. I detest that isolationist bull crap.

It's like the world is geting smaller and so are we...ugh! Don't drink the cool-aide.

Rants over.

Lastly, I've been officially politically labeled by the Pew Forum as a New Century Democrat. That's my "typeology" according to them. I consider myself more of a Republican leaning Independent ( I was a strict Republican for over 20 years) You can take the quiz HERE.


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