Angel was a Prostitute and a Daughter of God

This is Kristan or as we knew her, "Angel".
She was a prostitute.
She was found murdered the other night, thrown by a dumpster beside the Motel 6.

This pic is from last Summer on midnight outreach.

The No Place Homeless breakfast team knew her well.
She lived at the abandoned car lot where many homeless prostitutes lived.
Where the No Place team brought her breakfast every Wednesday.

She came to the Dream Center once for a block party last fall.
Pastor Craig came and got me to talk to her.
A john had brought her to the block party because he was concerned for her he said.
She was very high that day.
She was hungry.
I remember her telling me how hungry she was.
We gave her some food, a drink, and prayed with her.
We tried to get her some help, get her to go to a shelter, but she wouldn't.

Over that last few years I know that a lot of people reached out to her.
Loved on her, prayed with her.
And did everything they could to meet her personal needs.
We gave her hygiene items, food, clothes,
and tried to help her leave the streets
but she never would.

THIS is why we do what we do.
This is why Healing Place has a Dream Center in the hood.
This is why we have Midnight outreach, homeless breakfast, block parties, street outreach, after school programs.
For the Angel's of the world.
Jesus loves the Angel's of the world,
and we are his body,
extending His hand to them.

We never know what day could be their last day,
or our last day.
I know she saw Jesus many times through all of the people that reached out to her.
I know I saw Jesus when reaching to her.
I pray she fell into His love and embraced it before she died.


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