Michele Bachman Newsweek Cover


I saw this over at Jesus Needs New Pr. 

He posted this under the picture,
And just think: we have a whole 14 months of this mess to look forward to…

and this is the comment I left on the post,

She is too far right for me but I think this cover really shows the hand of Newsweek more then Michele Bachmann. Are they the FOX news of magazines from the far left? Is there job to stir up anger and hate extremes? Because that is all that will be accomplished by a stupid and obvious magazine cover like this. 

She’s the queen of rage? Well what do they think a cover picture like this will insight? Love? Compromise? Working together? Seriously, do we need to be more polarized right? 

Look at the result of the extremest we have in congress right now, no one is willing to give even an inch and that led to a horrible debt reduction deal that has caused the financial crisis to take a turn for the even worse. 

We need to NOT stir up anger and even more fear and hatred of each other right now. 

But no, that’s what sells magazines, boost ratings on so called news channels and fuels groups like the Tea Party and their “see I told you the liberal media is out to get us”.

It’s all bull crap rhetoric! Shame on you Newsweek!

I’m so sick of the right and the left game of extremes. 

THAT is what will destroy this country.


You should check out the comment tread on his post, it's pretty interesting.

What do you think of this picture? 

The treatment of women in politics?

The constant stirring up of fear and hatred that we have to endure during political seasons?

It all makes me want to puke!


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