I Love Lamp

Like, Brent Tamlin, I too love lamp.
I don't have great lamps but I really do admire great lamps.

Look at this one from the 1955 movie, How to Marry a Millionaire,

The shade is as big as the mans Torso! 
I noticed it right off, the first time I watched this movie many years ago. 
All the furniture in that movie is so fine!!!

Last week while working on a movie set I almost lost my mind because the furniture was so cool!!
The movie is set in the late 1960's so all the furnishing was Mid Century. 
They had the coolest lamps!!
I asked the set director if they were selling any of the stuff after they wrapped but he said no, it was all rented. 
While we were sitting on set, doing our stand-in thing, I was looking, studying intently all the furniture. 
I love Furniture. 
I wish I could afford cool lamps.

See, I am anti-overhead lighting. 
VERY anti-overhead lighting. 
I hate it. 
I love how lamps make a room feel warm and inviting. 
When I walk into a home that has the bright over head light on, I automatically feel like I'm in a morgue and the homes occupants need really bright light to study my internal organs or something. 
I honestly don't get how anyone could want the feel of an examination room in their living room, bedroom or any where really. 
Except the bathroom, I get needing a lot of light in there.

I found some really cool lamps on Etsy.

I love them all!
But of course, none of them are under $200.
Nice lamps are expensive, that's why I don't have any..

But I do have a couple that are kinda cool.

Like this one. It's my favorite. It was buried in a room full of old furniture at the Dream Center.

And I've gotten creative on a few lamps. 

This lamp was my grand mothers. It was like bronzy looking. I painted it black and put this small red lamp shade on it.

This is a lamp I made for Evangeline's room out of a $5 base, a cowboy hat that we got from Mexico that doesn't fit on any of our big heads, and a bracelet made of tiny High heel shoes that we got from a Mardi Gras parade. The red bulb ads just the right effect to this tacky goodness.


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