Here Comes the Sun


This "canvas" is a framed wood panel from the BR Dream Center. I have a few of them that we found in a pile of crap up in a storage room. They used these panels like huge plaques in honor of church members that had died. (If you look at the "before" picture, you can see some of the little metal name plates stuck on the bottom corner.)

I wish the quality of the picture was better but I took them with my 3g iPhone. The yellow is brighter and it's trimmed in a pale green.

Not sure what I will do with this painting..something to raise funds for the DC.

As with most everything I paint, I saw a little of it before I painted it, God's inspiration I call it.

Not long after I saw the image in my mind I heard the Beatles song, "Here Comes the Sun" playing there also. So of course I had to purchase that song on iTunes...which led to me purchasing the entire White Album and Abbey Road :-)