This month is always a weird one for me.

School started back today.
This was E's first day of High school.
I remember her first day of Kindergarten like it was yesterday.

My birthday is today, I'm 44.
I get very nostalgic on my birthdays now that I'm hovering around the half way mark.
For most, New Years stirs them to action, for me, it's knowing another year has gone by and there is still so much I need to do,

August 11th 1998 Evangeline was diagnosed with Diabetes.
That day in August was definitely the worst. My 2 yr old baby was in ICU for 3 days hooked up to a million tubes fighting to stay alive.

August 15th is Dean's birthday. That is a good day. I'm so glad he was born and he's my life mate.  I love him more every day.

August 29th 2005 is when Katrina hit. EVERYTHING changed after Katrina. Everything about how we live even to this day has changed.

August 20th 2006 was the day we found out that a baby boy we were in the process of adopting would not be our son, his birth mom decided to keep him two weeks before he was born. We named him Bradshaw Graham but his mom named him Damien. We still think about him and pray for him and his family.

So, August is a series of ups and downs.

Change is in the air.
I'm initiating some change and it feels good.

I've decided to take the next three weeks and really focus on finishing my book.
It's that one thing that I really need to do but I keep putting it off.
It's the Elephant in my room always.
So I'm just gonna buckle down and get it done.
If your reading this, hold me accountable, cuz' I need to get it done.

I think 44 is gonna be a good year.

Just gotta get through August :-)


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