Weird Movies, Space Travel, Hot Tubs and Hobbits

I finally watched the movie True Grit. It was great. I didn't know it was a Cohen Brother's movie until it was over. I should have known though, it was weird like a Cohen brother movie. Dean and I loved Fargo and Oh brother Where Art Thou? And Raising Arizona. They make the weirdest movies but they're weird in a good way.


Dean and Evangeline are in Haiti until Sunday. I miss them bad. The boys and I are visiting my dad in Houston. My dad has a TV in every room, including one on his back porch. He has cable, Netflix, a huge flat screen TV in his living room with a Blue Ray movie player in every room ( we don't even have cable TV at home) He also has a room he calls the "Flight Command Center" because he has three computer monitors set up with his flight simulation program on them, he has the joy stick thing and the steering wheel thingy so you can do everything like your really flying a plane. All that plus the train room (yes he has a room dedicated to his train set, the track IS the room) a hot tub on the back porch that the boys love to get in and watch TV,  and he gives the boys ice cream twice a day so they really do think they are in Heaven.

My dad definitely spoils them when we come to visit.

He took us to the space center today and we toured a little of NASA. It was very cool. The boys loved it. While we were touring, taking pictures next to a space shuttle and as we looked at trees planted for all the astronauts that have died, I was thinking about how little we Americans seem to think about space these days. We just kinda disregard the wonder of space travel, like it's just old hat now but it really is still a big deal. 


The other night I got into a discussion  about the comparison between the Harry Potter movies and the Lord of the Ring movies. It was a lively discussion that went from twitter to facebook and back again.

It felt good to be back typing long commentary about Middle Earth. I have missed those days.

With the two Hobbit movies being filmed now and set to be released over the next two years, the interest in talking at length about these kind of things has been peeked again. I never gave up my geekness, I have faithfully watched LOTR once a month at least. But now that I'm doing work on films as an Extra, it's even cooler to watch all the behind the scenes and the "Making Of" stuff that's on the extended DVDs. The craziest thing to hear is them talk about the three months of night shoots they did for the Helms Deep scenes in The Two Towers. Three months of night shoots!? I can't even imagine that. Night shoots are brutal. Three months is hell. The cast, stunt people and extras who did these three months of night shoots had shirts made that read "I survived Hell's Deep".

I sent in my resume to the casting company in New Zealand that is doing the casting for The Hobbit. I know, New Zealand is far away, it's a long shot that I would get a call asking me to come be an extra, but if I did, I would really try to find a way to do it. I know it's far fetched, I know, But to say that getting that opportunity would be a bucket list check off is an understatement, so I applied. I figured it couldn't hurt anything to at least apply.

I leave you now with some just released images of the famous Dwarves from The Hobbit Movie. That one in the bottom picture, farthest right with the long black hair is pretty nice looking for a Dwarf!!


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