Tomorrow This Blog will Be 6 Years Old and I got Her a GREAT Present!

Tomorrow this blog will enter the first grade.

And I'm throwing a little party.

I've invited some of the cool kids to the party too so it should be fun.

But before the party tomorrow, I want to tell you what I bought the blog for a birthday present...



I got us...

If you remember, she started out as The Wardrobe and the White Tree and I owned for a long time. But then, a mess up with credit cards, and some how, I lost it and someone else bought it. I begged him to give it back. But the guy wanted $50 to release the .com

I was devastated. You can read about it here.

So, reluctantly, the blog became

It never felt right.

I missed my Tolkien and Lewis inspired blog title. "The Wardrobe and the White Tree".

It was original.

It belonged to this blog.

It was who she is.

I knew somehow I had to get it back.

But I couldn't pay $50 for it or rather, Dean would of had a cow if I'd paid $50 for it!

So, instead, for $25 I bought every other possible "thewardrobeandthewhitetree" (dot) whatever.

And tomorrow, on this blogs 6th birthday, we will hang a new, old sign once again.

Come back tomorrow and celebrate with me and some special friends my 6th blog-birthday and...



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