The Price of Veritas



Words that bug me because of their over use in the world of social media by people who use their presence here online to be truthful or honest about themselves and what they believe.

They are being authentic.

People who say what others sometime think but wont dare say.

People who are considered too honest for such a public arena such as this.

People like me.

But yesterday I was reading Karen's blog, and she wrote a blog post about her love for the word Veritas.

It means truth.

Nice word. Very nice.

I fell in love immediately.

I decided to commandeer that word for my own use.

My truth, my Veritas, cost me.

And some days I feel the pain of it more then others.

I read Carlos Whittaker's Blog today like I do every day, and his blog post today is titled "Screw the Plastic Smile. 

This is what he wrote;

Sometimes you just don’t feel like being in the picture.
And when this feeling comes over you…
Please feel free to let the world know.
Because if there is one thing I have learned from my kids…
It is that living authentically, no matter the cost, no matter the looks you receive from those standing by judging you, is way better than a plastic smile.


But the Veritas is, that we make our beds and therefore we must lie in them.

The cost, is the cost, that's just how it is.

I'm not interested in having a pity party.

I detest victim mentality.

I am not a victim.

This is cause and effect.

I get it.

I know God is moving.

I know He is in control.

I also know he made me with a voice.

Sure, I screw up and say too much, way too much sometime, but in my heart I want to please God.

A pastor friend of mine once asked me a question, "What about asking someone to proof all your blog post for stuff that might offend? Or do you feel that would stifle your creativity?"

I appreciated that question. He gets that we are all created different, with different gifts and callings, and sometime, others "proofing" would say "don't publish that, you might offend" But it's my Veritas.

People who are good at conforming, being peace makers, don't know what to do with people like me.

They quote James and proverbs to us a lot.

We quote John the Baptist, Paul and the little kid in the story of the Emperor's New Clothes to them.

We feel we need to be THAT kid.

Our truth screams at us when we scream, "THE EMPEROR IS NAKED!!!"

Their truth says, "but do you need to say it in such a public place? Was that blog post really necessary? Is it all about getting attention by saying something shocking?" 

They honestly believe what they honestly believe.

And I dearly love them for it.

Their Veritas is different then mine.

I want to fit in, really it would be so much easier to fall in step.

I just don't know how.

God didn't make me like you. I'm sorry.


I may get that tattooed somewhere, "VERITAS".

Karen, you with me? Let's go together next time your here.

Love and grace.