Blog Birthday Post #2: A Little Q&A with Chick Blogger Extraordinaire, Anne Jackson

Anne Jackson has been blogging for a really, really long time, like since the 90's! I didn't even know there was such a thing back then.

I first discovered Anne's blog through Dan Ohlerkings blog. As many of you know, he is my blog-father. He's the one who said "You should start a blog". So just after I did, I popped over to his blog and saw that he had a list of other blogs (now I know this area is called "the Side bar") and I saw her name, clicked and started reading. That was in 2005. I have been reading every since.

She's the author of two highly successful books, Mad Church Disease and Permission to Speak Freely.

I've had the honor of getting to hang with her a couple times when she came to town and I got to be her "buddy" when we took her on Midnight Outreach one time.

She's a good chick.

I'm very honored that she would answer my questions. Thanks Anne :-)

Anne, when did you start blogging?

Unofficially, I started blogging in 1996 when I began journaling online in hopes of impressing my student English teacher. I registered my first domain name in 1998, and the rest is history!

What's your favorite blog post that you wrote? why?

I would have to say I love different blog posts equal amounts, but for different reasons - kind of like children. My essay "The Sex Cafe" was written while witnessing a girl get trafficked and sold in Moldova as I was on an undercover type trip to explore the sex trafficking industry. (c - this is up on reject apathy's website since flowerdust is not up anymore)

What's your least favorite blog post that you wrote? why?

Oh wow...this would be back in the days when I used Xanga. That is still up, by the way, but is set private. :) I ranted about how Perry Noble was using money to get people to come to church and asked my readers to take a stand against him. Thankfully, he was gracious and forgiving when I came to my senses, and now we're great friends.

Have you had any life changing blog moments? Explain.

Every time someone leaves a comment or shares a post it really means the world to me. I am humbled someone would take the time to read and respond.

If YOU could BE only one of these; Instagram, Facebook, Blogger, twitter, which one would you be and why?

Facebook, completely private, and live the life of a social media hermit. I'm an introvert, so it's actually pretty difficult for me to stay engaged online. 

Have you ever thought of quiting? Why? (Dan, since you did quit, you don't have to answer any further questions :-)

I have quit a few times by taking extended sabbaticals, and have learned it's not the end of the world when I do. I probably will continue doing so.

Do you have any blog stalkers?

There have been some interesting people that have sent me some weird things in the mail or brought me odd things to events where I've spoken. There are also people that have baked me cookies or muffins. If those are stalkers, I say let them stalk!

Have you ever met a blog stalker that really was a freak?

One person who I had met briefly once at a speaking engagement did show up to my house one time (and I never share my address or have it on public records - how he found it was a little disturbing!) I was out of town that weekend, but someone else was staying at my house. This person asked if his children (also with him) could play with my cats. The answer was no. That was a little strange to me. I wouldn't say he was a freak as I don't really know him, but his actions surprised me a bit.

Thanks again Anne for helping me celebrate the art of blogging, on this, my 6th blog B-day! Your a true inspiration.

God bless.


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