Blog Birthday Post #1: Birthday Wishes From Friends with Blogs

Sine it's the blogs 6th birthday I thought I'd celebrate the art of blogging by interviewing a few friends with blogs.
Because, let's face it, 6 years is like 45 in dog blog years.

Many blogs have closed, most people only need their twitter and facebook to communicate what they want to say.

But some of us, well, we love blogging. It's our niche.

So, I'd like to celebrate that today, celebrate blogging, with some of the other old dogs blog...ers :-)

First up, my long time friend, Karen.

She blogs at

She has seen me through some really rough patches in my life, I can't imagine I would have gotten through my early Christianity without her. I still quote her words of wisdom from like, 20 years ago. Truth is truth and it's timeless. 

Karen, when did you start reading The Wardrobe and The White Tree?

I am sitting here trying to remember the first time I read your blog. Truth is, I can't. It's either one of the many signs of dementia I am noticing, or your blog is so ingrained in my day to day life that it just has no beginning. I will say that you are the inspiration for my own blog. You are the one that encouraged me to write my thoughts, you set the whole thing up, and you are the one I think of when I neglect it. So thank you. I love blogging. I know it is a little bit of exhibitionism mixed with subtle cries for help. But it's also our small history. Our chronicle of this journey that is sad and happy and silly. Our kids can read it and know our hearts if they feel like it. Stalkers can feed their obsessions, and people may sometimes get inspired to carry on one more friggin day. My advice to myself and you is not to censor your heart. There is not some huge responsibility to represent institutions by not discussing why you drank too much wine last night and danced in the kitchen with your husband. OK, that was me, but don't take it too seriously. Life is fun, and I believe God likes us.  Carry on, Sue. 
I love you.

Next up is Esther.
She blogs at

She's the reason I now get to call myself a "Movie Extra". If it wasn't for her insisting, I wouldn't have ever sent in that first application to the movie Contraband and I would have never gotten to be in a scene with Mark Wahlberg :-)

Her and her husband Nathan have become like family, I'm hoping to one day arrange a marriage between her girls and my boys.

Esther, when did you start reading the blog?

I started reading your blog right after I first met you, I knew I had to get to know who this famous Carole Turner was I knew the best way was to read your very thoughts, soon after it became very clear, you would have to be my friend. From the beginning it was clear how much you loved your family and the Dream Center. 

What was your favorite post?

My favorite Blog post so far was the one you wrote about Abel- I can't quite remember the title but what you wrote was how Abel was adjusting affected me. It made me remember how easy I had it as a mother and how willing you were to sacrifice for this little boy you had first saw in a picture. Now that to me is Love, the very essence of Love, completely unconditional and unwavering exactly how God loves us. You talked about how Abel was letting you hold him and hug him,and how the question of mistrust was slowly slipping away. It made me think how much God wants us to completely trust Him, how able He is if we just let go of our hurt and pain. You are an incredible writer and I started blogging because of you. I'm not near as good or witty and a lot of my sentences seem to run together like one big blob but I have completely falling in love with it.

Love you!



Next up is Shawn.

He blogs at

Shawn and I have had it out here on the blog a few times actually. He's passionate about what he believes. Have you ever seen the movie "Conspiracy Theory" with Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts? Well he reminds me of the Mel Gibson character. He doesn't trust the government and he'd just be really happy if Ron Paul was our next President :-)

He's a good guy. I appreciate his passion.

Shawn, when did you start reading The Wardrobe and The White Tree?

I stated reading Carole's blog back when we first met in Bible School, which I think at this point has been about 3 years. While we don't always agree on things I have always found her thoughts powerful and refreshing.

What's your favorite post?

I'm not sure I have a favorite post that I can point two but whenever Carole let's herself go with the Veritas inside her........I LOVE IT!! When Carole speaks about issues in the church that people don't like to deal with she communicates like a prophet of the OT. With a lot of force and a lot of love.

To be honest I wish I could communicate like Carole does with her blog. She lets the world into her world and the feelings that are expressed are what connects her to the world that she is changing.

I am proud to call her my friend!!

Much love Carole and Happy Birthday



What was your favorite post from the last 6 years? When did you start reading the blog? Leave me a comment and Come back later today for more celebrating later today with Birthday post #2


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