What's Up With Me and Work?

Well I finally got a job. I know, I know, crazy. I've been unemployed since October 1st 2010!! And I have been trying, believe me, I have been trying.

One of the lowest points was when CC's Coffee said they had found another applicant that was more qualified for the position of pouring coffee. Ha! Yea, like anyone anywhere knows more about pouring coffee then me! I've been doing it and doing it quite well I might add, since I was three!!

The job I finally got was one that I had interviewed for back in January with the Academic Distinction Fund, but then some things changed with the organization and well, yesterday I got the call.

The coolest part is that I really wanted a job that was very flexible, one where I could go do a movie shoot at the drop of a hat if I needed and also be able to continue cleaning Dee's house twice a month as I have been for almost 14 years. And I really wanted to be able to continue volunteering at the Dream Center as much as possible.

So what made the job offer yesterday so perfect is that she said it would basically work like, she will call and let me know what they need done, and if I am available to do it I will and if not, then that's ok. From what I understand I will be doing web and writing/editing stuff mostly. It will be steady work.  I start Monday morning. I'm excited.

I will also be doing a three day movie shoot the week after Easter for the feature film, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, yea, that's the name of it.

I did Treme against last week (my 3rd time doing that show) but they winded up not using me for the scene, instead I ate free food and took a nap and got paid for it :-)

I would really like to do a movie/TV show a week but right now it's averaging about 1 or 2 a month.

The Extra work, painting a little with Jeff Wells (Dean has done it way more then me) and cleaning Dee's has been what brought in my income for the last six month. Dean has been killing himself working extra so we could make it.

But things are getting better.

God is never late. 


Shawn Wilson said…
Congrats! Been down that road and it's not easy. Praying for you guys. Let us know if you need anything!!

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