It Sucks Typing With Your Thumbs!

Some people go on a voluntary blog hiatus.
They "fast" it for spiritual reasons.
Me, I just hate doing this, right here, which is typing with my thumbs on my iPhone.
Untill the other day, I couldn't afford to order yet another power cord for my Mac (they keep breaking on me!)
So that's why I haven't really been blogging.
I have no computer.
It's actually been a good time of reading, painting and being productive in other areas of life.
But also during this thumb induced hiatus, two of my articles are running on, Twilight and Porn and The Rob Bell Hoopla (look in the "blog" section of the site)
So it's all good.
I'll be posting my review of the book I've been reading called "Half The Church", hopefully by Friday.
It's one of those books that I'd personally like to teach in every bible college on the planet.
So be on the look out for my review AND I'll be giving away a copy of it too :-)
'till then enjoy this spell-check free, thumb composed blog post and have a great rest of the week.


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