In Honor of Books

Dickens, McCourt, Obama, Bush, Jathani, Knoll and an African Cookbook. THIS says so much about me!

I love the way books look.
I love the way they smell and how they feel.
I simply love to read.

I've always liked periodicals too.
When I was single I would get off work and stop at the corner store to see if a new issue of LIFE or TIME had come out and I would devour it cover to cover.
In the 90's,  I would wait eagerly every month for my issue of National Review to come in the mail. (That was during my "very Republican" days :-)
I have been an avid reader of Christianity Today Magazine for several years. (It is BY FAR the best Christian publication out there)

But, I don't read as many books any more or magazines because I read a lot online.
I'm still getting a lot of information.
But it's not the same to me.

The books I love say a lot about who I am and what I believe.
My top 20 List of all time favorites doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of all the great books I have read.
Great books that have influenced me.

Last week when I was reading "Half the Church" it brought back the warm feeling of having a highlighter in one hand and a pen clinched between my teeth ready to make notes on the pages, while reading a good book.
It had been several months since I had done that.

Realizing that made me sad.
I use to read a book a week!
I need to make a conscious effort to read at least one a month.
I need to get off the computer and make the time to read and hold and smell books.
They make me happy.

Just a few of my Tolkien and Lewis books. They are all WONDERFUL!!

All of these books should be read by everyone!


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