Tuesday Thinking

There are some great volunteers at the BRDC on Sundays that never get noticed. Ty, he has served there for years, working in kids, being kind, strong, patient and never looking to be recognized. Marisa, Stacy and so many more. Meghan Matt, her and her husband Chris lead BRDC kids and she fights for what she wants. She cares so much for those kids, she wants them each to have one on one time with a caring adult. She wants them to walk away from a Sunday knowing, seeing and being touched by Gods love. I respect that a lot.

I think we Christians in the charismatic south tend to over spiritualize the mysteries, the faith side of our walk but we don't give enough credit to the tangible events, words, seasons, moments, that are so very spiritual. I sat and laughed with friends while our kids played and in that moment, I saw God refreshing us all, renewing us, strengthen us with the joy of laughter. It was as spiritual and as life changing as a prayer. The kiss of a child, the kind gesture to a stranger, God is there changing our hearts like a prayer...Yes, I'm singing Madonna's "Like A Prayer" in my head right now.

I think my problem with over used words is that people tend to get stuck in them and lose their creativity when talking or writing. I do it to, I know, but I still don't like it. Same goes for ideas that are trendy. These days it's all about your "story" we are all in a story, writing a story, living a story that needs tension and conflict and a climactic ending. At first this idea was interesting to me since I have long since been a story teller but now it seems so over wrought. Worst yet is it has started to sound like we are all auditioning for a reality TV program or shopping our book to the highest bidder. I don't want to live a good story, I want to live this life as God intended. Period. That is always the struggle for every human who seeks to follow Christ-know Him, show Him, live for Him and no one or nothing else.

I ate Vietnamese food for the first time Sunday. I am now dreaming of it. I loved it so much. How is it that I've never eaten this wonderful cuisine before? 


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