Running for the Dream Center

On Saturday, March the 5th Jude and Mark Trahan will run the Rouge Orleans a grueling 126.2 mile ultra marathon that stretches from Baton Rouge to New Orleans.

They will complete 2½ marathons per man.  That’s 63 miles EACH, a feat for even the most seasoned runner.

They feel that running for a cause is better than just running to finish. And their cause is The Baton Rouge Dream Center ( a Campus of Healing Place Church, located in the inner city of Baton Rouge.

Mark and Jude both have served at the Dream Center for a few years, they're hearts are there because they know it is a place that is daily bringing food, clothing, education, encouragement, and other resources  to the community. They know it is a place of Hope for so many in the inner city.

So Mark and Jude are asking you for your help.  Would you sponsor them for this run?  Whether you give $5 or $500, every penny matters to the lives that are changed daily by the Dream Center.

Your financial support means more than they could ever express.

Click the link to read about all the cool thing that the Dream Center does for the community,

Donations can be made to Healing Place Church, with Dream Center in the memo. (19202 Highland Rd. Baton Rouge,LA. 70809)

Thank you and God bless you for giving.


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