Narrowing the Focus

Transition in child birth is the most painful time, it's when the contractions take it up a notch, a notch you didn't want to go up too, but a place you had to go up to, and over, in order to get that baby out.

I've been in transition on this life's journey for a little while now.

I am not the best at handling transition. I can settle into pain, I can get through the "this sucks. period" kinda life, but the pain peaks, well, they throw me into a tizzy. At times I've acted like, well, in the words of Pastor Reverend, I've acted like a 12 year old. I've thrown a few fits.

God said, "It's time for transition".

Things I was involved with, wonderful ministries that I love, started to fall off of my schedule, and not in an easy way, I found myself stretched thin, by my own doing. But it became obvious that God was telling me to narrow my focus. He was telling our family to narrow our focus.

We have been involved for years with His Heart for Orphans in a small way, Midnight Outreach in a big way and serving many hours at the Dream Center. God said that ONE of these ministries was where we needed to give 100%, because that was really the only way we could be as effective as God wanted.

Transition looked like me saying "but God, what will they think of me? They will think I'm mad or flaky, or turning my back on them or that I no longer care about their cause! They need volunteers God, they need me!" and then God would gently say, "none of that is your concern. Are you going to do what I want or not?"

Dean and I and our kids are called to serve at the Dream Center. This we know. We have been there since 2006 and we are committed to the success of that HPC Campus because we believe in spending time with the poor, the homeless, the orphans, the drug dealers, prostitutes, crooks, etc, the ones that society deems something to avoid, we want to be where they are. We are not employees there, we are volunteers. There is only the pastors, Hope and Craig Boutte, on staff there, so they rely completely on volunteers to get everything done. ( and they have some of the BEST volunteers in the world at the DC :-) God made it clear to Dean and I that the BRDC needs to be our main focus after our family. No more spreading thin so that each area gets a little, the BRDC gets the commitment, the energy.

It's hard to say no. At least for me it is. It's even harder to let go of outreaches and ministries I love and want to be a part of. BUT the reality is, I'm helping the cause of orphans when I organize stuff for the Dream Lab program because that program involves two group homes for foster kids. I'm fighting Human Trafficking also by being a part of that because maybe, just maybe, that kid doing art or Hip Hop dance will never fall for a lie from a trafficker because of the relationships formed at the Dream Lab. I'm serving the Orphan by making the fliers with information about Kids church and Easter in the Park and handing it to a fatherless boy on the streets. I'm fighting Human trafficking by setting up a booth at a high school event and giving them information about the Dream Lab, church services and Cafe and when I'm driving home from the Dream Center and see a prostitute and give her a Hygiene bag. Seeds are being planted even when we don't think they are.

I am very at peace with this path. Our family is. The transition is hard and painful, but I'm getting to the other side now and it feels much better. There is nothing like knowing you are where your supposed to be.


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