My Review of the Reviews of Rob Bells book, Love Wins

I've read 4-5 different reviews of Love Wins. I love reading reviews, some of them are deep and probing, some shallow and humorous, some are long, some are short, I like reading them all.

My favorite of this set is Christianity Today's review by Mark Galli. It's a little too long but very thorough. He says "to be fair" a few too many times but that's because he really was trying "to be fair".

I think there are a lot of reviewers who went into reading it knowing they would hate it and then others who, being so very progressive and liberal, knew they would love it even if they really didn't love it.

It's fun reading reviews by people that you know are predisposed to an opinion. It's like when Republicans are asked their opinion on something Obama does or says, your never shocked by what they say. Status-quo is status-quo.

I'm not going to name the status-quo reviewers here, you will find them easily by their constant talk of their reviews on Twitter. I named the Christianity Today review because it actually does give a balanced, none status-quo, review. I highly recommend reading it.

My opinion on the reviews is that Rob Bell is crazy in the truest Billy Joel lyrical way.."you may be right, I may be crazy. Oh but it just might be a lunatic your looking for. Turn out the lights, aw don't try to save me. You may be wrong for all I know you may be right" Bell has given everyone who is board with building mega churches and campaigning for Sarah Palin, something more interesting to talk about, like whether a flaming Muslim like Barak Obama will be in heaven with us! Yikes! (joking, I don't believe Obama is a Muslim but WAY to many American Christians do)

I might try to read Love Wins if someone gives it to me (hint hint) I loved Velvet Elvis, it's in my top 20 books of all time. I can honestly say it was life changing, but everything I've read by Bell since then has read more like it was written by someone high on pot and mushrooms. I just don't get the circling the waggon, and all the spinning he does to stay away from saying anything remotely "churchy" But I'll stop there and save my review until/if I actually read his book. For now, the reviews and hoopla are providing much entertainment.


garrett said…
I particularly like the description of Bell's later writing as being influenced by pot and mushrooms. I've enjoyed his writing - still, there are some beautiful moments, but I think you're right in that "Velvet Elvis" has been his best.
Karen said…
I bought it. I'll give you my review when I'm done. It's due to be here next week. I am a clean slate.

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