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So here's the deal. I need a job. But also part of the deal is, I don't want full time, I want to be home when the kids get home from school. I also want to have time to paint for hire and for myself, I want to have the time to still be able to go volunteer at the Dream Center two days a week, and I want time to be able to do extra work in films like I did with Contraband. I absolutely loved doing that. So, I guess I'm not as desperate for a job yet as I sound sometimes. My lack of money says something more desperate..I guess.

It's such a pickle. Part of me says to hold out for the perfect job. The other part says, Get a real job stupid girl.

In my dreams I make enough money painting for hire, writing, being an extra and actually acting in local films, and singing jazz with a string quartet or country music with a band a couple nights a week.

Oh and I get paid to play Cowbell.

I'm gonna work on making the dream a reality.

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