We Want to be in Your Movie

These are the photo colleges that we use to submit to movies for consideration to be extras.

Steele is going to be an extra this Saturday for the Life Time movie, Justice for Natalie. Dean was contacted about being an extra for the same movie but they haven't gotten back to him yet with dates and times.

I am submitting these to any and all things being filmed around here. Currently there are 14 films or TV programs in production just between here and New Orleans! And 4 more in other areas of the state.
(Here's the link if you want to apply.. http://www.louisianaentertainment.gov/film/resumes.cfm )

My friend Esther will be doing her fourth movie this Friday, (she's the one who told us to get into this movie extra stuff) she's working on my beloved Contraband and so is Meghan Matt.  I told them to tell Mark Hi for me :-)


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