My thoughts on Eqypt

While I was cleaning a ladies house yesterday, I was watching CNN so I was watching when the Vice President of Egypt read the statement from president Mubarak saying he was resigning, I teared up. I was glad that I happen to be near a TV for this historical moment.

At home we only get channels PBS and CBS on our TV, so the TV is rarely turned on. I usually get my news from links on Twitter,  from and I read Huffington Post sometime but they are too left leaning for me really. Then I chase all that with a good dose of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. His show is news/humor. He's liberal, but makes fun of left and right. He's my favorite.

So while I was cleaning and watching these historical events unfold, I was occasionally checking twitter. I was sure there would be millions of celebratory tweets from the people I follow. I was looking for them. But there was only a hand full, and they were from all the "liberal" people I follow. I started to wonder what I was missing. I again checked I read about the concerns of Christians, about the The Muslim Brotherhood, and about how Christians and Muslims were united in their desire to be free of Mubaraks oppression. I read about how they had joined together in these protest, Christians had even encircled Muslims as they prayed during the protest to protect the prayers from attack.

But one place I had not check, the place where a good 60-70% of the people I follow on twitter get their news, was Glenn Becks site. I hadn't gone back and listened to his shows...until later that day. Then everything was clear. I read and watched THIS and then went back and listened to a couple other shows of his from this past week. Then I knew why my ultra conservative friends were silent. Why they weren't happy for Egypt.

It made me sad.

Here's what I think. This is a chance for Egypt to become a democracy, to see real democratic reform. A chance, not a guarantee. Many such revolutions lead to even more corrupt governments. Like Iran. This transition needs to be covered in prayer. It is a wait and see situation.

Christians in Egypt wanted this too. They wanted freedom from oppression for all Egyptians.'s,  Joel Rosenberg writes ..both the Mubarak government and the Islamists have worked hard to intimidate the Church over the years.

This revolution is the first of it's kind and it is the beginning of a new way of doing things.

From the Internet Database site..

Wael Ghonim spoke to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer about his perspective on the situation. Ghonim had been previously been detained and blindfolded for 12 days for organizing protests against the Mubarak government, and was only released earlier this week. Ghonim, who has been a figurehead for the movement against the Egyptian government, told Blitzer “If you want to liberate a government, give them the internet.”
Ghonim, is of course, referring to the fact much of this revolution was organized on Twitter and Facebook (similar to the Tunisian protests). Ghonim was believed to have hosted the first Facebook page that organized the January 25th protests. When Blitzer asked “Tunisia, then Egypt, what’s next?,” Ghonim replied succinctly “Ask Facebook.”
He went on to personally thank Mark Zuckerberg, and said he’d love to meet Facebook’s CEO. Ghonim says that he’s looking forward to getting back to his work at Google but he plans to write a book, “Revolution 2.0″ about the role of social media and the internet in political demonstration. There’s no doubt that social media has changed political activism irrevocably, and this moment will surely be a historic moment for Facebook and Twitter.

This revolution has shown that the power used by Glenn Beck to spread fear, by Al-qadia to spread hate and terrorism, by Sex traffickers to sell humans, etc, that same instantly connected media, is being used for the good every day. It can and has been used to spark and organize a revolution to over throw a 30 year oppressive regime.

That's historical and good.
If your a Christian and want to get a really fair and balanced perspective on the news, from a Christian perspective,  read Christianity today online, instead of FOX news or CNN. 

For example, here's a great article they wrote about the Muslim Brotherhood, there's no fear mongering, or left leaning secular bias, it's just the facts and what the facts may mean to those of us who are Christians. 


Anonymous said…
I'm glad to have read this post. I had the same experience. Couldn't figure out why my Christian friends weren't rejoicing over the downfall of the dictator. Sadly, most of them are Glenn Beck devotees. That must explain it.
Love this post. Glen Beck makes me sad.
ATB said…
Carole, I was referred to this blog post by a friend of a friend and am smiling ear to ear. I think you are RIGHT ON with your thoughts and I am SO thankful to hear people such as yourself in the Christian community write tactfully and lovingly, but with truth about the reality of this situation. I totally agree with what you said, this is a huge step forward that needs to be covered in prayer. Thanks for sharing. Tyler

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