Live Like Your Dying and Talk Like You've Had Some Wine

People who find out that they are dying of a terminal illness tend start to do all the things they were putting off. I want to live more like I'm dying.

Every day, I am doing that more and more. I'm forgetting fear and safety and just going for I would if I was dying (which we all are). 

And people who have had a glass of wine or two tend to be more free with the "I love you man!" then someone who has not had any wine. They are more emotional, and they say what they feel.

They don't call it "liquid courage" for nothing.

Can you imagine the wedding, where Jesus turned water into wine? (John 2:1-11) He did it after the wedding party had already finished off all the good wine. I imagine a lot of tipsy people coming up to Jesus saying "Thank you Jesus!!! I love you man!! Thanks for making more wine! You rock!" 

 So if you get an "I love you man!!" text from me, or if I see you and verbally communicate that to you, know that I mean it and it doesn't mean I've just had a glass of wine. It means life is to short to leave things unsaid and stuff undone.


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