Last night Dean and I watched the documentary, "The Lottery". It's about charter schools in Harlem NY. I cried. Kids from bad neighborhoods need education so badly and so many don't get a quality one in public schools. Here in Baton Rouge, it's pathetic how awful the inner city schools are. I pray more and more charter schools pop up and I pray the church steps up and starts mentoring these at -risk kids. It's a huge problem. I love that now we have a president that was raised by a single mother and every little black boy can look at him and know that overcoming is possible. They have a hero who looks like them. I know many people detest his politics, there are some I even detest, but he has inspired little boys of color to dream and that is good.

I also watched, with the boys and Dean, the movie "X-Game 3D". It showed all the huge stars and gold medal winners like Shaun White, Travis Pastrana, Kyle Loza, And the crazy thing is, I gleaned so much inspiration from it. One guy said "you fail and fail for an hour so you can succeed for 30 seconds" All of them talked about how many bones they have broken, how many times they have fallen while trying to get a jump down. It challenged me to be more willing to I can eventually succeed.

I'm reading Matthew Barnette's book, "The Cause Within You" it's helping me remember and fanning the dieing flame inside me. I think everyone should read this book, it will inspire you.

Financially, these past few months have been the worst ever but this month, well, let's just say that one day I will tell how bad it got. But what's weird is, I've felt a peace, one that passes all understanding, and God has provided. It's daily bread, no more, but it's enough and we are blessed.

Jesus said that the world would know us (Christian's) by the love we show one to another. I have seen it a lot lately. In hard times, God comes through for us by using the family of God that is around us. Thank you. You inspire me.


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