Immediate Love

Evangeline made this heart for me.
16 years ago today I bought Dean a bible for Valentines day. He still has that bible. We were newly married and at that time I was begging him to go to church with me, now he goes way more then I do. He still amazes me everyday. I really sometimes cant believe how blessed I am to have him as a husband. I need him and I'm not ashamed to say it. We are one. When I'm away from him, I miss him. We fight and I'm glad we do. We kiss, hold hands, laugh, cry, and pray together. I don't deserve such a great life partner. He's the hardest working man I know. And he's the best father I've ever seen.

Last night at church Teila and Kayla and I prayed with E for her to be healed of her diabetes. Doing that is hard for me, I am like Thomas, I have little faith. Not for everything, but knowing that E's pancreas does not work at all and hasn't since she was 2 years old, healing for that is hard for me to believe for. But we prayed and believed. It was good. Then Jamie, who is a 22 year old diabetic who was diagnosed only two years ago, came over to the house and talked and prayed with E. She asked me to tell her E's diagnosis story. It's never easy to tell.  E wasn't supposed to be conceived according to my womb, she also should have died a couple days before she was diagnosed with diabetes, so looking at her is looking at miracles. 

She is my sunshine.

He's started writing down his thoughts about Africa,  "Africa is a place that is really poor. The people need food because they are really hungry. They don't have that much car then America. They not rich like we are. Some American people go to Africa to see them and sometimes to feed them. And some people go there to adopt kids. Africa people do not have that much food to eat and I was from Africa to. But I am glad I live in America. I am glad I have a mom and a dad and a sister and brother. It was kind of fun in Africa..."
He's still writing, that's where he left off. Deep stuff there. Deep.

He is my African warrior prince.

He has started writing a story about Super hero's "Super hero's save people. Superman fights villain's. Bat man is cool. and super man. Super hero's save the world. Super chicken Mason is cool. Black worm is not cool..." He's still working on his too ;-) He's our reader. He loves books, which of course makes me very happy.

He is my laughter.

I feel immediate love just thinking of Dean, Evangeline, Abel and Steele. Their existence makes this a very happy Valentines day.


Anonymous said…
Now let me tell you about Carole. She is the most amazing wife in the world. From the time I met her I knew she was gonna be my wife. She is a great mother and she is the most caring person I know. I love her more now then ever before. Shes the best!!!!!
Like the great poet once said "you were born to be my baby and baby I was made to be your man"
And that's all I have to say about that.
Love ya baby